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Rug Warranty


India Rugs’ products come with a product warranty of up to 12 months* against manufacturing defects depending upon the construction (weaving) of the rug as below:

Weave - 12 Months* Warranty

Hand Knotted, Tibetan, Patchwork - 24 Months*

Hand Tufted, Handloom, Flat Weave, Shags, Hand-woven - 6 Months*

In case of a defect found kindly notify us via e-mail at or call +91 8076879865 along with 3 images of the damaged rug/carpet. If the defect is found to be of the nature covered under the warranty policy, we will provide you the best possible resolution. Warranties are non-transferable. Proof of original purchase is also required. If India Rugs replaces your rug under any of the limited warranties, the remaining portion of the warranty period will be based on your original purchase date.


Defects outside product warranty entitlement:

  1. Shedding. (This can be reduced by vacuuming the rug at a low power mode at least once a week)

  2. Occasional sprouting pulls or loss of single tufts of fiber.

  3. Color and texture changes due to the use of natural fibers and dyes or prolonged exposure to sunlight, humidity, heat or certain atmospheric gases.

  4. Rolling marks. (These can disappear with routine vacuuming)

  5. Matting and crushing in rugs, which can be minimized by proper maintenance of the rug.

  6. Rugs recently removed from a bag may have odor which can dissipate by placing the rug (back side up) in direct sunlight for 24 hours.


A carpet can be made using different materials like Wool, Cotton, Leather, Jute, etc. All these materials have different properties and features that give a carpet its identity.


1. Wool

• Carpet made of wool are resistant to wear and tear and can look like new for years.

• Give warmth to the room and also absorb moisture up to 40% of their weight.

• Extremely soft and comfortable to walk on.

• Reflect light in different directions and hence are not very shiny.

• Prevent accumulation of static electricity.


2. Cotton

• Cotton carpets hold their shape well and do not get disfigured easily.

• They are cheaper than wool and silk carpets.

• Cotton as a fabric has ‘breathing’ property. It absorbs and releases moisture quickly.

• Easy to clean and washable. They also have low drying time.

• Soft on touch and comfortable to walk on.


3. Leather/ Natural Hide

• Natural hide or animal skin is used.

• They are sturdy and have a long life.

• Look very rich and sophisticated. They make any room look luxurious and are good at emphasizing the social status of any owner.

• Soft on touch and are stain resistant.


4. Jute

• Jute carpets are environment friendly due to their recyclable nature.

• They are sturdy and stain resistant.

• Due to low cost of fabrication, these carpets are cheaper.


5. Viscose

• Ideally mimics natural silks and provides a cheaper alternative of Silk carpets.

• These carpets acquire polish with ease and preserve their texture and color for a long time.

• Soft and rich feel with a shiny texture. They look bright and colorful.

• Pile doesn’t get tramples under weight and regains its shape quickly.


6. Silk

• Silk gives a very shiny and lustrous look to carpets.

• Look elegant and have a distinctive high gloss shine.

• They have an incredible natural property displaying different colors when viewed from different angles.

• No allergies associated with silk.

• In spite of its delicate and fragile appearance, they are very sturdy and reliable.

• Light weight and resistant to shrinkage, surface abrasion and fracture.


Make sure the rug is clean and dry. Store in a ventilated, dry area. Do NOT fold. Roll the rug with front side in-wards, except for leather rugs, roll with front side outwards.

NOTE: * Warranty wherever applicable and agreed upon explicitly in writing. The warranty is for replacement of product and does not include the reshipping charges, custom duties, taxes etc. All such cost components are applicable as extra or additional as and when applicable. The warranty purely covers the manufacturing defect product.

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