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The Guide below is a comprehensive listing to cater to all your rug woes. From buying the best suited rug, to maintaining it afterwards, we list the steps for all. When setting out to buy a rug, you may have certain considerations and apprehensions for choosing the perfect rug. Let us assist you with the information to put most of your concerns to rest –


Comfort – The most obvious reason for buying a rug is its opulence and the comfort. It is advisable to consider the purchase as an investment, that too in a rug that feels like a smooth cloud under your feet, or if you prefer soft and plush and so on, based on your preference. The textures and finishes are determined on the basis of the materials used and the process involved.  


Space and Feel – Each individual is expressing their personality in their most private space, HOME is where you relax, unwind, be yourself. The mood at the pad can depend on something as simple as the color of the walls or the decor. If you choose either a contemporary or a traditional rug, an understated neutral color would allow more texture to pop in the space whereas keeping it all mostly muted. You may choose for a vivid color that can be the highlight of the space as well.  


Designs – There is a plethora of designs available in the market these days. It depends entirely on your theme and the feel you are going for: Someone maybe going for a natural and pleasant look and opt in for florals, Others may be feeling that the sharp angles and geometric patterns would suffice them or someone maybe even looking to up the ante and go for a rich, plush feel and settle on the traditional design and motifs. Any design language and almost all modern trends are catered for our discerning clients. 


Once you have your favorite rug, it is imperative to know how to take the care of the rug to enjoy it for a long time. Considering the kind of rug you have zeroed in on, following care instructions can be adopted –  

1. Rugs should be stored or put up, away from direct sunlight because that will probably fade the color. All the same they should also not be kept in places with high humidity either. Extreme changes in weather will have its negative effect on the rug.  

2. Do not rub the rug with excessive harshness, in case of a spill or such. In case of such an incident, Get the excess spilt liquid off the rug, and start cleaning from the edge towards the middle of the spot. In extreme cases, it is advisable to get some professional help. 

3. Vacuum your rugs regularly, consistent use allows the dirt particles seep in the material of the rugs which make them look dull. To get rid of this dirt and bring back the luster of the rugs. While vacuuming, it is advised to start from the center and then move towards the fringes so as to push out the dirt and particles. Vacuum it on the flip side as well.  

4. It is quite common for a new rug to shed some of its fibers, so don’t worry. However, if the threads start to unwind, do refrain from pulling them further. Instead try to cut them with a pair of scissors. 


5. Too much pressure should not be put over rugs as the fibres are not designed to stand upto extreme stress situations. It is advisable not to drag furniture across the rugs. To mitigate the possibility of extreme wear and tear due to being placed in high traffic areas, move furniture occasionally.

6. Rotate the rug once or twice a year. This way, the wear and tear shall be equal  all across, all over the surface of the rug. Thereby, maintaining a uniform look of the rug.  

7. For times when you wish to give your rug a break, fold it into a roll and not a fourfold. This helps in keeping its look intact and preserve the product from damages, till the time you wish to use it again.  

Special care instructions for specific material types given below. Regular rug care will ensure original appearance and style for years to come. There are some very simple to-do’s:


1. Light Vacuum clean regularly. Avoid using beater brush on rugs.

2. Remove spills immediately. Blot any liquid with a clean cloth or a paper napkin.

3. Please do not pull loose ends if any. Trim with scissors.

4. Please keep away from sharp objects, hot surfaces, open fire places and excess moisture.

5. Please do not soak the rug in any liquid.

6. For initial weeks, shedding of material fiber may be observed. This is normal, and will reduce with time & usage.


7. Colors may fade slightly when placed in areas of direct sunlight. In this case, it is advisable to periodically rotate your rug to ensure this process is even.


1. Use soft hand brush to clean.

2. A natural smell of leather may be felt in a new rug which is non hazardous.

3. The rug may not lie flat immediately when taken out of the polybag but will settle down over a period of time


1. Natural variations in color and texture of jute in different parts of the rug add to its beauty and authenticity.

2. A natural scent of jute may be felt in a new rug which is non hazardous.

3. The rug may not lie flat immediately when taken out of the polybag but will settle down over a period of time.


1. This Eco rug is handmade from recycled fabrics/ materials.

2. Each rug is unique in color/ style/ texture.

3. Deep colors may have a tendency to stain light surface especially if wet, please ensure dry usage and a rug underlay is recommended.


1. Natural variation in color of silk is due to its re-cycled nature add to its beauty and authenticity.

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