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Frequently Asked Questions

Does one see is what they get ?
Will there be any changes in quality after placing the order ?
How can one be assured of the Quality ?
What if the Quality of goods is compromised ?

How does one know that the orders will be executed as per instructions ?
How can one trust a relatively new company ?
Are your supply chains synchronized ?
Should one be worried about the transaction ?

Do you handle Shipping in house or CHA ?
Do you have an experienced documentation team ?
Should one anticipate delays related to Shipping ?
Do you comply with Incoterms ?

How do you package the consignment ?
Do you have experience in sea and air worthy packaging ?
What materials do you use for packaging ?
Are there additional charges for packaging ?

Do you offer same pricing for all your customers ?
Can one expect bulk discounts if any ?
What about your banking ?
What modes of payment do you accept ?

What Standards do you comply with ?
Can you offer to fulfill specific requirements in Standards ?
Are the products certified environment friendly ?
Do you guarantee standards and certifications ?

What if the goods received are damaged ?
What about dues, adjustments, credit etc. ?
Do you offer insurance on shipments ?
What is the process for claim settlement ?

Do you keep one informed on the progress of work ?
How often do you update ?
Do you share the projected T&A ?
What if there needs to be an amendment ?
Can the order placed be cancelled if required ?
What if the ordered goods are not available ?

For more enquiries or questions, please email us at


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